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Fame.News is a complete marketing and PR agency that specializes in amplifying brands, influencers, and personalities using the Media to bring FAME to those who seek it. We have built legendary careers and elevated Procter & Gamble brands with our successful methods. With a global audience and engagement with over 3 billion, Fame.News is a force and media institution that fulfills on its deliverables. In the heart of desire and dreams in Beverly Hills, Fame.News has a fully-loaded global production team that breaks news in REAL TIME, building success and wealth for some of the most highly-regarded and recognized brands, celebrities and goverment agencies, worldwide.

Fame.News has a direct network with social media influencers that covers the expanse, globally, reaching more that 3 billion people. Fame.News has built the careers of famous celebrities including, Kim Kardashian, JLO, Ace Family, Lele Pons, Logan and Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Priyanka Chopra, Paris Hilton, the Jackson family, and many others, generating over $3 billion in earned media.

For the past two decades, the founders and team of Fame.News have been creating media miracles building the biggest brands and most famous stars in the world. With a resume of high-profile clientele, Fame.News claims the title as the biggest fame dealer in the world. Brands such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, AB InBev, Johnson & Johnson, Pantene and Gillette choose Fame.News as they know, Fame.News will  dominate the competition. As experts in disrupting convention with bold strategies, we make big moves to yield big results.

We have 24/7 access to our celebrity and high-profile clients, collaborate with business owners and marketing managers and apply the best SEO and digital strategies to achieve our clients’ goal. Our deep passion and experience for the digital market has led us to operate, optimize and leverage each media platform with prowess and skill.

Fame.News will skyrocket your brand’s sales, increase your revenue, build customer retention and create a raving fan culture around your brand, building a loyal fanbase, community and family.

Verification Services

A Blue checkmark is the ultimate symbol of status and power. As a business you’ll be showing your competitors your value as a trusted, highly-engaging and influential force on social media. Much like Nike, Target and eBay you will be stamped and certified, allowing your business to grow exponentially. As a personality, you will have access to endless connections like Kim Kardashian, Addison Rae or Taylor Swift.

Fame.News has a custom team in place that will make sure your brand meets verification requirements on all the social platforms by getting you featured in top media publications and seen by millions. You will be included with the Elites once you are verified. You will have an easy time from getting you into red carpet events to closing a deal with the biggest buyer in your industry and most importantly you become a trusted brand and drive sales.


Verification Services

Blue checkmark is the ultimate status. More valuable than a mansion, Birkin purse or a yacht. It literally defines your status in your genre. As a business you’ll be showing your competitors your status. Much like Nike, Target and eBay you will be legit and able to grow twice as fast. As a personality you will have access to endless connections like Kim K.,Addison Rae or Taylor Swift.

Fame.News has a custom team in place that will get you verified on all the platforms by getting you featured in top publications and seen by millions. You will be included with the Elites once you are verified. You will have an easy time from getting you into red carpet events to closing a deal with the biggest buyer in your industry.


Google Panel

Remember Google doesn’t lie.

At Fame.News we only offer top notch VIP Service.

In order for elite companies to see you, you must have a Google panel. 

Your presence on Google is extremely important. It shows who you are, what you do, and your status. Without the panel, you are not recognized by Google. We ensure that only the best images are associated with your profile when you are searched. Your profile will be crafted by our top writers, allowing the world to get a snapshot of who you are and what you do.  


Fame.News will align you and promote you on the most respected and established networks in the media. We can yield results in a fraction of the time that traditional media companies do. You will be featured on big networks such as:

We direct and allow you to control your narrative as the story should be told. You will NOT find that anywhere else. You also are afforded GUARANTEED TV BOOKINGS on most major networks.

Our writing staff designs and crafts your story, then sends it off to top publications in America where your story is told on the world stage! Fame.News writers know exactly how to convey your story and have Google pick it up as trending news. Our contributors have featured our clients on:


Billboards, LED Signage, and Mobile Billboard Trucks.

When you advertise yourself in a big way, it means you’re a blue chip company, such as Apple, Amazon or Nike.

Fame.News has a rolodex of elite connections nationwide which we can use to get you seen by millions. Our design team focuses on featuring YOU in the most iconic spots, globally. We are the biggest fame dealers in the world, we can make your vision a reality.

Yachts, Buildings, Helicopters, Cars and more.

Align yourself with the elite as we promote, build and brand you in a BIG way.


We have featured our clients on the biggest magazines around the globe. How would you like to have the cover a month after Zendaya or get featured in the same issue as her as the next rising star?

With Fame.News’s relationships you will be featured on publications such as VOGUE, ELLE, COSMO, FORBES, Haute Living and so many more. Imagine you are on the next cover or 4-page feature where you are said to dominate in your field. Everyone will want to be you! Fame.News can make that happen.


Our Influencer clients have a combined reach of 10 billion users. We represent micro and macro influencers to meet any budget.

If you want to promote your brand fast, with this unique platform, your consumers will immediately see that your brand is creating huge engagement across all social networks, and you will be ahead of the game. Fame.News will make sure the right influencers will collaborate with your brand in order to achieve any goal.

We can guarantee influencers attend your next big launch where they can generate content and blow up your event. Influencers have the global power to make you or your brand go viral.



Fame.News has experts that will find the exact pocket for your ad listing. For a business to see its investment grow, you will need to spend on ads. For a small retainer plus ad-spent we will research, manage and design the campaign for all your social media needs. Our top tier teams will blow you away as the priority is to achieve the end goal, Return on Investment (ROI).

Your brand will be dominating the market, rivaling all competitors as we use Geo-Targeting to accurately choose your targeted demographic and audience.

The goal is to bombard and make your presence known everywhere, non-stop.


The biggest names in Hollywood are associated and built by Fame.News. From Zendaya to Miley Cyrus to Priyanka Chopra, we only offer and cultivate the best of the best. Some of Fame.News elite clients include The Kardashians, Paris Hilton, J Lo and many more. We also work with top social media influencers that have followings as large as 100M followers. Whether it be a red carpet event or making a commercial, Fame.News will seal the deal for its clients.

Creating envy, desire and FOMO, your competitors will wish they knew your strategies.


Fame.News was the first company to ever fly the biggest and hottest celebrities across the globe for events and brand activations. If you want global recognition, we will broker a deal with our top choices of brands.

From JLO and Kim Kardashian to influencers like Logan Paul, we have been connecting global brands with talents for various projects. The outcome is global and viral recognition, making all who watch wish they were there.

Branding and Online Presence

Fame.News will advise your company on every tool, trick and strategy that your business needs to have the advantage over your competitors. The idea is designed to provide innovative ways to drive revenue and customer loyalty for your business. This is the ultimate secret weapon to increase sales!
  • Branding – Your message is the most important. We will create your brand guide building messaging, advertising and all that it entails. Our experienced team has worked on the biggest brands, globally.
  • Website/SEO – Our creative team will set up an outstanding website to generate traffic to your site and capture the attention of consumers, worldwide. We use the newest technology and the sharpest images from our extensive catalog.