FAME.News Celebrates its Launch Officially with Exclusive Influencer Party!

We have arrived! You’re welcome.

Fame.News celebrated its launch with an exclusive, invite-only influencer event!

Fame.News is your ULTIMATE and ONLY source for breaking news, bringing raw, divisive, explicit scandal, drama, entertainment and most importantly, the TRUTH.

The event kicked off with a content creation contest, creating a viral TikTok dance video. The day continued with exclusive influencer sit-down interviews, delving into the lives of these inventive young souls, and concluded with an evening of fun at Saddle Ranch on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Influencers such as Mitchell Eason, Dayna Marie, Alex Youmazzo, Hootie Hurley, Faith Ordway, Nikki Paige, Livia Pillman, Abla Sofy, the Vault House and Irina Antonenko indulged and participated in an afternoon of excitement.

Fame.News will be hosting EXCLUSIVE Influencer events nonstop, 24/7. Parties, content creation, movie nights, theme events – we are DISRUPTING convention and changing entertainment and media. We’ll bring the cameras, the media and FAME to those who seek it. Influencers, all you need to do is dress the part and bring your X-factor because you never know… you may become the next big star, tomorrow!

Can you resist the siren call of FAME? The alluring magnetism and excitement of a completely different world will continue to beckon you until you answer it.

Welcome to the New Hollywood… Fame.News. Now, you never have to do a deal with the devil for fame, because now, we have arrived. And, it’s only the beginning!

Written by Alyssa G.

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