Addison Rae has Gone FULL Hollywood.

The TikTok idol, Addison Rae, is stepping into the acting world!

With her debut and starring role in Netflix’s “He’s All That,” released in 2021, Addison has apparently signed a multi-movie deal with the major production platform. The social media influencer expressed that “getting the opportunity to work with Netflix was such a ‘pinch me’ moment,” and continuing the relationship with Netflix is “beyond [her] wildest dreams.”

Addison shared with Variety, “I want to show people I’m not just limited to one thing.” She went on to explain her idea about future roles in film as she “[wants] to play the bad guy but also the good guy,” and she eventually wants “something really deep and emotional and real as possible.”

With influence from shows such as Breaking Bad, Addison is taking notes from the masters, as Walter White’s story is one of a man who borders the line of good and bad, and it is DEEPLY emotional.

We are so excited to see how Addison evolves as an actress. From social media start to actress, the sky is truly the limit. Show us what you got Addi’! We’re rooting for you!

Written by Alyssa G.

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