Al Pacino Dances His Way Through The Streets of Beverly Hills!

The Godfather himself, Al Pacino, busts a move as he grooved down the sidewalks of Beverly Hills, this past week.

Al Pacino, the critically-acclaimed and Oscar-winning actor, is known for his roles as hardened mafia characters from movies such as “The Godfather” and “Scarface.”

Pacino, in real life, seems to be just a carefree, fun-loving, rhythmically-inclined guy!

The mafia actor sported black sweats, black shades and black tennis shoes as he vigorously swung his arms and swayed his hips to the music blasting through his headphones.

We wonder what kind of music he was jamming out to.

Regardless, we love to see stars out and about living their best lives.

Let’s sign him up for Dancing with the Stars!

Written by Alyssa G.

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