Austin Powers’ Villain, DR. EVIL is Back with Plans to Take Over the WORLD & the Super Bowl!

The hilarious cast of Austin Powers have reprised their roles in an epic General Motors commercial for the Super Bowl.

Characters Dr. Evil, Frau Farbissina, Number 2 and Scotty Evil have aligned, panel-style to talk GM’s new electric vehicle which reduces the world’s carbon footprint.

Portrayed by comical Mike Myers, Dr. Evil started off the commercial saying, “Our take over of General Motors is complete.”

Number 2, portrayed by Rob Lowe, then mentioned, “Dr. Evil, GM’s Ultium Platform will power our whole operation,” so as to convey the benefit and power of GM’s efficient and green energy.

The villainous group hilariously bantered as they all share tidbits of information regarding General Motor’s #EVerybodyIn campaign.

Scotty Evil, played by Seth Green, chimed in saying, “Now we can reduce tailpipe emissions!”

Dr. Evil and his son Scotty had their ridiculous back and forth about the baby’s name.

Frau Farbissina, portrayed by Mindy Sterling, interrupted the father-son quarrel shouting, “You must help save the world first, then you can take over the world!”

Dr. Evil obviously and blatantly repeated Frau’s statement, trying to appear as it were his idea, though Dr. Evil is called out by Scotty. Scotty sarcastically stated, “She literally just said that.”

The banter continued as the characters go on to mention that using GM’s EV vehicles will reduce their carbon footprint, and they exclaimed, “We’re going electric!”

With humor and with star-power, General Motors’ Super Bowl commercial will surely be a hit as we anticipate the big game this Sunday, February 13th!

We’re excited to tune in!

Written by Alyssa G.


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