Bradley Cooper’s “Insecurity & Ego” Drove Him to Nightmare Alley!


#bradleycooper says taking on a role in #nightmarealley was about “insecurity and ego”

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Bradley Cooper recently opened up in an interview on Variety Magazine’s segment of “Actors on Actors,” about his lead role in Guillermo del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley.”

Leonardo DiCaprio was initially cast as del Toro’s lead for the Amazon Studios production; however, Leonardo fell out and Guillermo del Toro went to Bradley to portray the role, and replace the highly-awarded DiCaprio.

Bradley shared his surprise saying, “Oh, wow, the guys that don’t hire me, they want to hire me?” To which he continued to express, “Of course, I have to do it just because I’ve never been allowed into that group.”

Cooper revealed that it was his “insecurity and ego” that was in the driver’s seat.

In the world of entertainment, ego and insecurity are driving factors in decision making and action. As humans, we all have emotions, and it seems Bradley Cooper is not immune to the sway of his own. The industry is a place where comparison runs rampant and ego fuels dreams.

Bradley Cooper, an A-list movie star, still feels these things. What a nightmare to feel you are not worthy! That is a difficult truth in dealing with Fame, that despite your achievements, you are constantly comparing yourself to your peers. We hope that he realizes that he is capable of so much more and that comparison and insecurity are unnecessary to succeed.

We look forward to seeing how these stars operate in this world, as it is the place of desire and dreams.

Written by Alyssa G.

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