Bridget Fonda Shocking Fans with New Look

What happens when you go from FAME to living a normal life? We got your story here.

Daughter of legendary actor, Henry Fonda, Bridget Fonda was seen running errands around Los Angeles on her Birthday. Unrecognizable, Fonda was dressed down and not kept up compared to her Hollywood Days. She gave up on Hollywood back in 2002 after having her first child. Is FAME like the mafia…is there ever getting out…really? We have seen other celebrities go from ‘Hot and Sexy’ to ‘Out of shape and bummy looking’ and we are here to say…no there is no getting out.

Once the spotlight is on you IT. IS. FOREVER. Donatella Versace, Gina Davis, Mickey Rourke are just a few names that are known for not keeping up with Hollywood standards. The pressure is on for Stars and aging is not an option.

Written by Ophelia Soumekh

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