Coinbase Made Super Bowl History with THIS Power Move.

The global cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase, just made some legendary moves.

During the Super Bowl, yesterday, a QR code was broadcasted on everyone’s television screens as it bounced around like a nostalgic DVD logo screensaver. Instead of using celebrities and huge productions, like Zendaya‘s Squarespace commercial or Kanye‘s McDonald’s commercial, Coinbase stuck to a simple and powerful message – less is more.

The icon bounced around with no description or branding, leaving the viewers to find out it was linked to Coinbase only by either scanning the QR code, or linking to the activated landing page.

The ingenious concept allowed for engagement with viewers, as people could whip out their smartphones and jump to Coinbase’s landing page. The reward, if successful, was $15 of free Bitcoin for setting up an account on their platform by February 15th.

The ad cost about $14 million; however, it was a brilliant move as the most-watched annual sports event would promote to a global audience!

The Coinbase commercial seemed to work as it crashed the app with the overwhelming QR scans.

History is being made, and Coinbase does not skip a beat.

As we progress, social media platforms, influencers and media are taking over. We have entered a digital age!

Written by Alyssa G.

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