GaGa’s Need for Adoration and “Applause”

Known for her extravagant outfits, her powerful stage presence, and her harmonious vocals, Lady Gaga, a master of versatility and reinvention, was seen heading to the set of Jimmy Kimmel to film a segment.

Lady Gaga arrived to the set of Jimmy Kimmel in a Black Cadillac SUV, driving toward the back alley entrance. A crowd of onlookers and paparazzi awaited to get a glimpse of the mesmerizing star.

Things took a turn when Gaga did not emerge immediately to greet the crowd. Security pulled out umbrellas, and everyone knew something was afoot.

The group began “booing” the security as they tried to block Lady Gaga from being seen. With people saying, “No, don’t block her!” and “Gaga always smiles for our cameras!” The disappointment of the crowd was evident.

It was later revealed that the reason Gaga refused to smile for the cameras, initially, was because she had no makeup on and was not done up.

Gaga and her security did not want any negative press so she SPECIFICALLY got all dolled up just for the cameras, bringing any professional paparazzi 30 feet closer for an exclusive close-up of the main event, Lady Gaga.

Gaga emerged from the back doors of Kimmel’s studio in a short black, boudoir-type dress with flowing sleeves and feathery details along with a pair of dark sunglasses. She worked and twirled for the camera, giving a glowing smile as the adoring fans cheered and applauded her appearance.

Lady Gaga could not handle the initial negative reception as she craves the roar of applause, excitement and adoration from her fans. It appears that Gaga, too, has caught on to the drug of FAME.

She, herself, has even mentioned this before. Her song, “Applause” that was released back in 2013 states it ever so clearly:

“Give me the thing that I love…” because “I live for the applause, applause, applause!”

Her unrelenting hunger for attention and adoration has been fulfilled, at least for today. As Gaga has said, “I’m you’re biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me… Papa.. paparazzi!”

We hear you Gaga, loud and clear! You bring the show, we’ll bring the applause!

We look forward to seeing more of Gaga and her glamor and extravagance, very soon.

Written by Alyssa G.

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