Harry Jowsey & Charly Jordan are Heating UP in the midst of Tayler Holder Scandal.

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle star, Harry Jowsey, and Tayler Holder’s ex, Charly Jordan, were seen out and about on a late night rendezvous at Catch restaurant in West Hollywood.

As the two left the West Hollywood hotspot, Charly and Harry engaged with an interviewer while waiting for their valet.

The interview asked, “How was dinner?”

Harry responded, “Beautiful, it was really good. Yeah, we ate too much.” Charly chimed in sharing, “We ordered at least half the menu.”

The two influencers beamed as they smiled, giggled and laughed with each other. Charly and Harry playfully did a mock interview with one another. Harry said, “We have Charly Jordan, here,” to which Charly joked, “Who? Oh, I’ve heard of that girl.”

Harry did a close up mocking his social media podcast channel, “Hey, guys! Welcome back to the channel, make sure you like, comment and subscribe.”

The two, both deep in their world of influence and engagement on social platforms, had a laugh as they joked about their digital personas in real life.

Finally, the hard-hitting question came. Harry was asked, “What happened to the sex tape?”

Charly and Harry both gasped and laughed as Harry responded, “You haven’t seen it?” He continued to tease the existence of it, saying, “It’s there.”

The social media influencers are stirring up relationship rumors as Charly posted a TikTok video of her dancing in front of Harry, two weeks prior.

In the midst of the Tayler Holder scandal and great unfollowing of Holder, these two cuties were creating a buzz as it appears things are heating up between the two. Charly recently broke up with Tayler and has unfollowed him along with over 20 of the top influencers, and a good amount more in the recent days.

It is speculated that Tayler’s recent release “Never Was You” was about ex, Charly. However, Holder, embroiled in scandal, is in a tough spot as whisperings of sexual misconduct allegations have arisen.

Despite the intense Tayler situation, it looks like love may be on the horizon.

Harry and Charly seem to be in good spirits, and we wonder if that sex tape is out there and when we will ever see it.

Written by Alyssa G.

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