History in the Making: The Chainsmokers & the Kid Laroi are set to Headline the FIRST EVER NFT-Centered Music & Art Festival in Vegas

The Chainsmokers and The Kid LAROI will be headlining the First Annual Afterparty NFT Art and Music Festival, set to kick off on March 18-19 in the one and only Las Vegas at Area15!

It was announced on Friday. The digital world of Web3, NFTs, crypto, art and music will merge in this premier event where NFTs are the ticket into the show.

The two headliners will be joined by 25 more musical acts along with famous NFT artists as the show kicks off to celebrate the virtual community in reality! The entire list of performers is set to be released at the beginning of February, just around the corner.

Put on by the Web3 company, Afterparty, the festival is set to expand experiences for those who venture into the Metaverse, merging the digital experience with real life. The first of its kind NFT festival will be held at AREA15, an immersive entertainment venue, creating a multi-sensory experience, located off the Las Vegas strip. The event is set to have an immersive NFT art program, created by Nate Mohler and Alec Maassen, both distinguished NFT artists, which will allow people an interactive NFT experience and ability to physically see them in real life.

Skyscraping digital displays, lights, sounds, NFTs and a ground-breaking event to invite and entice all who want to learn and be involved in the ever-growing Web3, crypto community!

We are stepping into the future with the evolution of music, culture and art. This festival encourages NFT or bust. With the excitement and anticipation of an experience to fuel everyone’s desires, the feeling of “FOMO” is real. Learn more about the festival, here.

Written by Alyssa G.

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