John Travolta & Anthony Hopkins Star in NFT Movie!

We’ve got the Saturday Night Fever! John Travolta painted the town this past Saturday, January 23rd, as he signed autographs in Beverly Hills. He enjoyed a nice evening and dinner earlier at the prestigious Four Seasons.

John Travolta as “Tony Manero” in Saturday Night Fever.

Paparazzi and fans engaged with the captivating actor asking, “Would you ever go into the NFT business?”

Travota responded, “You know what, I might do an NFT movie… with Anthony Hopkins!” He added, “I’m thinking about it.”

Can you imagine? Two world-famous actors making a movie about our new digital age. It would truly be an exciting film as the world evolves and grows in a technologically advanced direction.

The man posed another question asking Travolta, “Do you need a stunt man?”

Travolta smiled and laughed, “Yeah, I need a stunt man.”

Perhaps, we will see a great work of art. An NFT film with Travolta and Hopkins and outsourced stuntmen from the streets, we are truly in for a treat.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Written by Alyssa G.

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