Johnny Depp Deep Dives into Digital Depiction of Personal Artwork-Turned-NFT

Johnny Depp is creating and selling 11,111 original paintings and artwork as NFTs. The eccentric, highly awarded versatile actor has entered a new realm to which he will share his innovative creativity.

Depp has released digital assets using blockchain technology, calling the collection of art “Never Fear Truth.” Inspired by and developed from Johnny’s original drawings, the animated digital assets include famous friends such as Marlon Brando, Heath Ledger, Tim Burton, his daughter Lily-Rose Depp as well as himself.

The creative soul expressed that he “always used art to express [his] feelings and to reflect on those who matter most to [him], like [his] family, friends and people [he admires].” He continued saying, “My paintings surround my life, but I kept them to myself and limited myself. No one should ever limit themselves.”

Depp makes a point that design, creation, and development should not be limited as imagination should know no bounds. When one chooses to share his talents and passions, the possibilities are endless as one never knows until he tries.

Vibrant colors bring street art and pop culture figures to life in Johnny’s designs. The artist shared that each painting is Depp’s own interpretation of his friends’ individual characters.

By purchasing Johnny’s NFTs, the collectors will gain access to Depp’s community on Discord to collaborate on artistic ventures and projects. Also, twenty-five percent of the proceeds will be donated to charity, which will benefit a variety of Depp’s selected charities. As he delves into the digital world of NFTs, he shares his passion to connect and give back to his community!

With all things seemingly going digital, from social media to digital currency to the metaverse, we are truly advancing in ways that we never imagined! Stars such as Depp are learning to diversify and evolve with the times, and still find ways to incorporate the unique flair of artistic design.

Welcome to the future.

Written by Alyssa G.

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