Kanye Brings His Kids to his FIRST EVER Hosted Media-Filled Sunday Service: “THE FUTURE BRUNCH”

Sunday Service just got a Yeezy makeover, as Kanye and media adversary, Jason Lee, threw the first of what they have coined as, “The Future Brunch.”

Youtuber, Chris Lambert of ‘Watch the Throne’, shared an exclusive press email he received, detailing Kanye West’s “The Future Brunch.”

The exclusive event invited 50 prestigious Black journalists to an open discussion which included, all-encompassing Black media, reclaiming their narrative, removing cancel culture and much more. It was held in an open space warehouse with lots of natural light beaming in through skylights.

The brunch was intended to be a meeting of the minds as Kanye wanted to lead in creating a “movement,” not just a moment, in changing Black media for the better.

Kanye gave an opening speech, conversation and discussion ensued, and Kanye also performed for the exclusive guest list.

Media journalists and executives from outlets, such as Essence, Billboard, InStyle, New York Times, Forbes, Spotify, BET and Amazon Studios, were aligned at the brunch as they all collaborated with Ye and Lee for improved Black media.

Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee also announced he plans to open his multimedia compound “Hollywood Unlocked Studios” as a place for artists to express themselves “authentically and artistically.”

Kanye had his children, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, in tow.

In light of Kanye and Kim’s warring Instagram messages over North’s TikTok posts, it appears that Kim is relinquishing some power as Kanye is spending time with his children. He also was seen waving to his daughter, North, earlier on Sunday as she left in a silver Escalade.

Since spending time with his kids, Kanye has deleted all of his aggressive Instagram posts regarding the TikTok situation that happened about 48 hours prior.

Let’s recap since the TikTok feud:

  1. Kim was seen lawyering up.
  2. Kendall Jenner unfollowed Kanye on Instagram.
  3. Kanye set boundaries by bolstering “RESTRICTED” signs on his Malibu home.
  4. Kim accused Kanye of putting a “HIT” on her.
  5. (Unrelated but still in the family) Kylie Jenner announced that she and Travis Scott welcomed baby boy on 2/2/22!
  6. Kanye and Jason Lee threw “The Future Brunch” with Kanye’s kids in attendance.
  7. Kanye deleted all aggressive messages from his Instagram.

What will happen next in this tit for tat drama between the volatile exes?! For now, it seems Kanye has calmed down a bit as Kim is starting to slip.

Stay tuned for this rapid unfolding and unraveling continues!

Written by Alyssa G.

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