Kanye’s Malibu Getaway: Already On to the Next One?

Kanye West craves attention. He needs it.

The rapper was seen in the exclusive, high-profile, members-only club, the Soho House on the affluent shores of Malibu on Tuesday, February 1st.

The luxurious and beautiful coastal strip of real estate including Nobu Malibu, Rafi Lounge, the Soho House and the Fame.News popup, boasts a desirable destination for all who come to visit.

Embroiled in scandal and a public divorce feud from famous ex, Kim Kardashian, Kanye has been trying everything and anything to divert attention back to him and his fabulous life.

Kanye’s current relationship is with actress Julia Fox, who, curiously, was nowhere to be seen during Kanye’s Soho House rendezvous. The subject of Kanye’s attention, however, appeared to be a Julia Fox look-a-like. He was seen laughing and enjoying conversation with a couple beautiful girls, along with some friends as he stood atop the second story of the invite-only club.

Has Kanye’s fascination with Julia already diminished? Is his desire for attention and fame superseding his relationships?

You decide. The on-going back and forth between Kim and Kanye is a tennis match we don’t want to miss.

Written by Alyssa G.

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