Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous: The Magnetic Draw of First Ever Private Luxury Train

In the lap of luxury with the top tier excellence, FAME and fortune yields some opulent rewards.

Recently, French yacht designer, Thierry Gaugain, has announced, “The G Train.” His newest project is one to revel in awe and excitement as it will be the world’s first private train that offers an opulent level of design, enchantment and pure extravagance.

Forbes posted about the exciting design as the train is the first of its kind in the exclusive luxury market of private locomotive travel!

This exclusive train is not for the public and not for passengers, as Gaugain explains the estimated cost of this train exceeds $350 million! With 30 years of work on his design, he describes his train as a “palace on rails.” The gorgeous architecturally-engineered masterpiece has space for 18 overnight guests, boasting room for entertainment space, crew, guest quarters and the owner’s section. Gaugain intends for his train to be used for VIP social events, parties, dinners and concerts. Only THE best of the best.

Gaugain’s design includes 14 train cars with each adorned and enclosed by special technical glass for a full scope of visibility while traveling. The train will have four locomotives running at a stealthy 160km per hour, which will travel across Europe, America, Scandinavia and Russia.

With FAME on the mind, the rewards of success look beautiful and bright. The price tag is high for those willing to pay for it. We look forward to seeing the finished product!

train in dessert
Concept ‘G Train’ Photo THIERRY GAUGAIN
Concept ‘G Train’ Photo THIERRY GAUGAIN
Concept ‘G Train’ Photo THIERRY GAUGAIN
piano on stage
Concept ‘G Train’ Photo THIERRY GAUGAIN

Written by Alyssa G.

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