Mark Hamill’s Humble Copy-Boy Beginnings to Legendary Star Wars Fame-dom!

Dan Sewell, journalist and Cincinnati correspondent for The Associated Press, took to Twitter to tell the tale of a certain actor’s humble beginnings. That actor was none other than the great, Mark Hamill, also known as Luke Skywalker in George Lucas’s “Star Wars” franchise.

Imagine that! Hollywood’s beloved Mark Hamill worked for the Associated Press prior to attaining his well-deserved fame.

Mark Hamill saw the tweet and responded by fact checking the information that Dan believed to be the truth.

Hamill expressed that most of the information Sewell stated was true; however, he auditioned for an episode of “The Partridge Family,” instead of the alluded “sci-fi movie.” Hamill went on to say that he liked Dan’s version of the story better. It definitely seemed more dramatic.

Regardless, we all start somewhere, and we are happy that Mark Hamill took that audition for “The Partridge Family” because it led him on his path to “Star Wars.” And what would the world be without Mark Hamill as our beloved protagonist, Luke Skywalker?!

Written by Alyssa G.

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