MGK & Willow Smith are “In Love with an Emo Girl.”

Upbeat, catchy, melodic, and punk rock-sounding single, “Emo Girl,” has officially been released to the world.

Previously teased by both Machine Gun Kelly and Willow Smith on their Instagrams, the song dropped with their social media promotion and excitement from fans across the nation.

The track of course featured famous drummer, Travis Barker, who has been collaborating with many artists and producing music as he has his own label. Barker is also engaged to Kourtney Kardashian – their relationship has been a feature film in its own right as the two share their love on their social media platforms and meld their families – it is truly a beautiful thing!

MGK and Willow both posted on their stories to hype up the new track.

MGK is set to release a new album this year. Initially, he and buddy, Travis Barker, got a tattoo of the original album name “Born with Horns.” However, MGK decided to change the name, posting a funny video with Barker to promote it.

In the video, MGK asks Barker, “We’re friends no matter what, right?” Travis responds, “Yeah, of course.” The two do a fist pound before MGK continues.

“Remember when we got the album name tattooed on our arms?” MGK asked, as previous footage flashes in the video revealing the old album.

Travis then starts laughing saying, “You changed the name?!” To which MGK laughs and confirms, as well. When Barker asks what the name is, the new album name, in bold to the background of the first released single, “Emo Girl,” called Mainstream Sellout!

We are rocking out to the tune and patiently waiting for the drop of MGK’s full album, Mainstream Sellout!

Written by Alyssa G.

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