Monty Lopez Takes the Tesla for a Spin While Promoting Addison Rae’s Limited Edition Energy Drink

Monty Lopez hit the streets on Saturday, January 29th, as he whipped around Addison Rae’s sweet, speedy Tesla. The car was adorned and wrapped in a pink branded design saying, “Alani Berry Pop Energy.”

The Fame.News team got an exclusive, up-close look at the drink and design as Monty engaged and shared his daughter’s newest venture, her own energy drink!

There is no stopping Addison Rae as she is capturing the attention of all the markets – social media, film, music and now creating her own energy drink! The Addison Rae brand is growing each day!

Monty flashed a peace sign as he expressed that “Alani is the way to go!” Alani is the brand.

Our team asked if there were any samples, to which Monty grabbed a few cans of the refreshing, berry pop drink and passed them around.

One of the men accompanying Lopez did a live testimonial expressing, “It’s fantastic. It’s really good.” And he continued to pop open a can, sipping the beverage and said, “Here let’s see. Look at that, 10 calories! Can you believe it?!”

Monty and crew were in good spirits and enjoyed sharing Addison’s new product.

Who would have thought that one TikTok dance video would lead to a life of endless possibilities?! Addison is on the road to success as she continues to leave her stamp on this world.

Written by Alyssa G.

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