Musician, Nikki Paige Brings a Cascade of Color and Musicality to FAME on Sunset Blvd.

Nikki Paige – the girl with the yellow hair and the vibrant voice to go with it. As a singer, songwriter and all-around creative performer, Nikki Paige is sharing her beautiful voice and stories with the world. Nikki visited the FAME.NEWS studio on the iconic Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, for a one-on-one interview, where her fans reveled in the opportunity to meet and see her speak and sing. 

The eclectic artist wore a gradient of color. Head to toe, she wore lime green sweat pants, a neon cropped tank, and a bright orange bucket hat! Nikki was greeted by a cavalcade of excited fans as she stepped out of her black escalade, arriving in true rockstar-fashion. 

The authentic and unique star opened up to us as she sat down for a one-on-one interview in the Fame.News studio. She shared some advice, some secrets of her success and also delved into the heart and love of what she does – creating music.

Nikki has been in the entertainment industry for years, starting at the ripe young age of 11. She secured her first deal as a writer of country music, which evolved into so much more. Discovered by Barbara Orbison, wife of the late Roy Orbison, Nikki found a mentor in the industry where she could cultivate and develop her art. From then till now, Nikki is a woman with a mission to cultivate and create music that is purely and authentically her. She has partnered with two extremely genuine and successful entrepreneurs, Greg Hannley and Alex Draghici, to build MFRecordz/MalibuFilms. The company is meant to offer an oasis and safe haven for artists to innovate and indulge their craft without dealing with the harsh and dark side of the entertainment industry. 

With an extensive catalog of over 7,000 original songs, Nikki is a true artist who expresses herself through the gift of song. Songs such as “Watching You” and “Psychic” bring such fun, diverse rhythmic beats. She came, she sang, she conquered. We were so excited to hear someone speak so passionately and from the heart. She dropped some hints for some upcoming releases and projects, without completely revealing. But stay tuned, as a few weeks from now Nikki will be disrupting the world with something that she described as “important:”.

Check out Nikki on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Spotify and Apple Music.

Written by Alyssa G.

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