Nikita Dragun & Larray Respond to Collabing with Harry Jowsey on Onlyfans

Social Media Influencers, Nikita Dragun and Larray were spotted leaving Iann Dior‘s release party in West Hollywood last night at hot spot, Delilah.

Nikita Dragun

Looks like the two influencers friendship is on again, after the Hype House drama about blackfishing from the recent Netflix show.

The pair were interviewed by paparazzi, while leaving the party.

One man asked Nikita what her favorite Iann Dior song was. Nikita passed the question quickly onto Larray, asking “Larray, What’s your favorite song?”

Iann Dior

Larray sarcastically responded, “Ummmm.. Not the Hype House.” — SHADY! It seems Larray is still bashing the Netflix production and the associated influencer collective.

Nikita was then asked if she knew anything about Harry Jowsey’s sex tape partner. Nikita seemed shocked responding, “Oh, I don’t know!”

Harry Jowsey

Harry Jowsey was recently linked with Tana Mongeau, as they have allegedly hooked up. His claim to fame was Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle.”

Tana Mongeau

Continuing along the Harry Jowsey subject, another paparazzi directly posed the question, “Would you be down to collab with Harry Jowsey on OnlyFans?”

Nikita said she didnt’ know about that, but “[she does] owe him a podcast,” and praised Harry saying, “He has a great podcast.”

Larray just smiled when asked the question, as they hopped in their ride to drive away.

Seems pretty juicy… What a curious collaboration that would be on OnlyFans. But who knows? Everyone’s trying to get some notoriety and show some skin.

We need to know! Stay tuned!

Written by Alyssa G.

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