Paris Hilton Says “It’s My World, and Nobody Has A World Like Mine.”

The famous jet-setting entrepreneur, heiress and DJ, Paris Hilton, was spotted at the airport in New York, NY on Monday, January 24th. She rocked an Aviator striped hoodie, a black baseball cap, and a full face mask with sunglasses. Her teacup chihuahua, Diamond Baby, was in tow, too.

Swarmed by adoring fans, Paris signed autographs before leaving.

An interviewer caught up with her saying, “Paris, I’m excited for the Metaverse!” To which Hilton replied, “Yes, me too.”

The interviewer continued asking, “Can you explain a little bit of what people are going to see and what they should know about [Paris World] ’cause everything with the Metaverse is so new to everyone.”

Paris explained that the Metaverse is “Basically the real world in a digital world.”

Finally, she was asked how Paris World differed from other Metaverses that currently exist or are in creation.

Paris boldly expressed, “It’s my world and nobody has a world like mine.”

There is something to be said about the brilliant entrepreneur, she creates a world of extravagance and luxury in both reality and now, the digital world. We can’t wait to see what awaits us when we enter the Metaverse as we step into Paris World.

Written by Alyssa G.

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