Post Malone’s $3M, bunker Down-Under

Can FAME drive you to go under?? Well…something has and we are digging into it and finding out what does.

According to Malone, he has openly spoken about wanting to escape just to get away from the government. Another day…another celebrity threatening to leave, except Malone found a way to do it.

Post bought a five-bedroom and seven-bathroom Utah home for $3 Million. The 7 acre lot comes with an apocalypse-proof shelter and underground bunker. Not only did he let his fans know about it but he encouraged his fans to do the same and declare land for themselves.

Some of the amenities include a classy wine cellar, a killer gym, a basketball court, a pool and a hot tub with an outdoor kitchen/BBQ.

When you are a public figure… your visions…your opinions…becomes your fans. So who’s moving to Utah to find their own land??

Written by Ophelia Soumekh

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