Shawn Mendes Loses His Footing While Hiking, But “It’ll Be Okay.”

The Canadian singer-songwriter, Shawn Mendes, decided to take a hike… literally, no pun intended. He posted on his Instagram, January 21st, a triumphant shirtless pic, as he ascended a steep trail. However, the picture came with some hilarious outtakes.

Shawn tried to show off his chiseled physique, but quickly learned, it is probably best to stay humble. As he turned to show off his back muscles to the camera, he lost his footing, swirled and tumbled to the ground. With a good sense of humor, Mendes laughed it off as he gained his balance on the trail.

How it began.
The falling process.
How it ended.

With the recent split from Camilla Cabello back in November 2021, and the rumors swirling around their rekindling in Miami early January 2022, Shawn is at the eye of the storm with attention on him.

The extremely talented musician also just released his new single “It’ll Be Okay” on January 13th.

Sometimes you fall in love, sometimes you break up, and sometimes you fall off a mountain. We’re here to say, Shawn, “It’ll Be Okay.” And we think he knows it.

We look forward to more updates from Shawn as his story continues to unfold in music, relationships and life!

Written by Alyssa G.

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