Sienna Mae’s Relentless Sexual Manipulation, As Told By Jack Wright – Receipts and All!

The long awaited exposé response video that everyone has been waiting for is finally here.

Jack Wright told ALL. He held nothing back as he expressed the traumatizing experiences he endured knowing Sienna Mae, his previous friend.

Jack Wright
Sienna Mae Gomez

Jack took us back to the beginning. The two influencers initially met 4 years prior while both attending high school. She dated Jack’s good friend at the time, but cheated on that friend twice which did not fare well for their combined friend group. Jack expressed that he is “all about second chances” and “always tries to see good in people.”

The story progressed as he mentioned finding success in the popular influencer collective, the Hype House, as Sienna Mae had also gone viral with a couple videos on her own. She reached out to him to reconnect which led to reigniting the friendship as the two had fun creating viral dance trends. Jack emphasized that they both knew they were “just friends” and “nothing inappropriate was happening between [them].”

Wright started to tense up in the video as he revealed “the next part of this [was] very difficult to talk about, and [he had] wanted to talk about it for a long time.”

THE UNRAVELING. Jack detailed the first time Sienna had crossed boundaries. After filming a video, they went to Sienna’s room where Jack was relaxing, when Sienna suddenly “got completely naked and startled [Jack].” Wright expressed it was “random” and “weird” as he didn’t know what to do. He repeatedly told her, “Sienna, stop! Get off! We’re just friends,” but Sienna was relentless as she refused to listen. Jack didn’t want to be too rough as he struggled to remove himself from the extremely unwanted situation! The next morning, she apologized profusely and said “[she] didn’t know what was going through her head.” Wright clarified he didn’t like her that way and things seemed to be alright.

That, unfortunately, was not the end.

He further went into detail about the “Hawaii Incident” where he was unconscious almost the whole night. Jack revealed that Sienna “got on top of [him], took advantage of [him], and groped [him],” and he was so thankful there was evidence and that he had friends to help him get out of that situation. Sienna told Jack that if the video got out, she would be done and that she would work on boundaries and seek therapy.

Her words were empty as the nightmare continued, and Jack experienced a world of pain.

Time and time again, Jack found himself in a toxic cycle of her apologizing and him giving her chances to redeem herself. However, she squandered each chance and continued to abuse his kindness as she would cross boundaries, sexually abuse, and force herself upon him.

Wright tensed up, expressed deep sorrow and emotion as he talked about the fear, lack of comfortability and disappointment in himself, feeling like he allowed her behavior to persist. He “felt stuck.” There was no respect, no boundaries, no space, no safety and no room for himself as Sienna imposed herself on him.

This was extremely revealing and heartbreaking to watch as the young, talented influencer had gone through such pain.

Wright added that Sienna’s aggressive actions toward him were part of a repeated trend, as other guys reached out to Jack with stories of abuse at the hands of Sienna that were similar to his.

He questioned whether Sienna would ever be sorry or admit to what she did. Bringing awareness to others, he mentioned that it is important to speak out.

Jack wrapped up his video on a high note, as the silver lining from his experience was he learned “how to be more bold and finally say no, and know that it was right to speak up.” A weight lifted as he could finally tell his story to the world, he let people know that their feelings and opinions are “valid” as he advocates for others who went through similar experiences.

This was an EXTREMELY enlightening video. We wonder how Sienna Mae will respond, as Jack’s personal experiences seem to be backed by receipts.

Watch the video to see the emotion and make your own opinion. Is this the full story? Is this the truth?

Stay tuned as we see how this plays out.

Written by Alyssa G.

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