Summer McKeen: Caught Between A Rock & A Hard Place with Sienna Mae & Jack Wright Sexual Assault Scandal


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Summer McKeen

Summer McKeen, a Youtube Lifestyle Vlogger, earned the title of Youtube Millionaire by being completely herself.

Summer recently posted a TikTok to shed some light and share her perspective of the Jack Wright and Sienna Mae Gomez drama. McKeen starts by addressing her audience by saying she temporarily deactivated her social media accounts, claiming it is for the sake of her mental health.

Sienna Mae Gomez
Jack Wright

She continued to say she was not taking sides, though she has a relationship with both Jack and Sienna, as that is a private issue that should be dealt between the two of them.

She addressed that she did not know the sordid details or extent of the abuse that was behind Sienna and Jack’s relationship. The recent video that Jack Wright put out really affected McKeen as she stated it was “all news to [her].” McKeen goes on to say it was “extremely disappointing and disheartening.” She has also been a victim of sexual assault. Sexual assault is a “trigger” for McKeen, and “[she likes] to stay as far away from it as [she] can.”

Summer McKeen

Advocating for victims, she emotionally said, “I do not support any act of sexual assault, whatsoever. Of course, I don’t.” Rhetorically questioning her audience, “How could you? How could you?”

She goes on to say that she has talked to Jack since and she feels for him.

It is nice to have more voices on the subject and to know that there is support and care for those who have endured such pain.

McKeen seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and we hope we get more content from her soon!

Written by Alyssa G.

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