Tayler Holder is Grasping at Straws to Stay Relevant with Cease & Desist Letters.

And now back to your regularly scheduled influencer drama! Tayler Holder is trying so hard to hide and protect himself from whatever he allegedly did.

Apparently, Holder has sent out Cease and Desist Letters to many influencers with the intention to try to keep them quiet. One of the influencers who received a letter, Bryce Hall, answered questions about the letter, as seen in the TikTok above.

Hall expressed, “He sent me a cease and desist. And I’ll tell you right now, nobody’s talking ’bout you, bro.”

Bryce Hall

Bryce continued saying, “I have never personally went out of my way to talk shit about Tayler behind his back. If anything, I would say it to his face.” And Bryce finally affirmed, “Nobody even talks about him.”

Other influencers made light of the situation, as seen in a post by satirical influencer reporter, Defnoodles.

One influencer said, “I didn’t receive a letter, or maybe I don’t check my mail enough.”

On the other end of this, it has been reported that paparazzi’s have offered $500 for a copy of one of the cease and desist letters, according to The Hollywood Fix.

In this day and age, they could probably make an NFT of Tayler’s letters. I wonder how much one would make off of Tayler’s apparent cry out for attention.

Regardless, it appears no one really cares to talk about Tayler, and this all feels like a means to stay relevant by Holder. The fact that nobody is talking about him and he is sending out cease and desist letters – that just seems to allude to Tayler’s actions being very sinister. Everyone seems to be moving on and away, but Tayler craves the fame. With his new single out, he is reaching for anything he can touch.

We await to see where the story will take us. Stay tuned.

Written by Alyssa G.

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