We are Moonfallin’ for Halle Berry & Patrick Wilson on the Red Carpet.

The beautiful, timeless “IT” girl, Halle Berry graced the red carpet with co-star Patrick Wilson at the Los Angeles premiere of their new movie, “Moonfall.” Adorned in a short black, flared almost-sleeveless dress, Berry smiled, posed and answered questions.

Halle, famous actress known for her roles in Catwoman, X-Men, Monster’s Ball and Die Another Day, is a highly-sought after and elegant actress who always hits the mark and exceeds expectations. She still looks young as ever!

Interviewers greeted her as she shared her excitement about the premiere of “Moonfall.” Berry stated, “I’m really excited. I hope this is a movie that inspires people to get out of their house and venture out in this pandemic, if they feel safe enough.”

She emphasized, “It IS a movie that should be seen on the big screen. Roland Emmerich creates these kind of worlds that you just have to see in a big way.”

“You wanna see the bigness of it. You wanna see all the attention to detail. You want to feel like you’re actually IN the action,” Halle expressed.

This is very true. The point of film is to create a world where people can delve into a fantasy beyond the realm of reality. This is what Berry says Roland Emmerich, friend and director, achieved.

Roland Emmerich, German screenwriter, producer and director of films such as “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Independence Day,” brings forth an experience, now, with the anticipated release of “Moonfall.”

The movie transports its viewers to a future where Earth’s moon is mysteriously and suspiciously knocked from its orbit, sending a cataclysmic string of events as a former NASA astronaut, Halle Berry’s character, tries to save the world and the human race from complete demolition.

The stunning cast definitely transports us to another world. In a world of image, fantasy and beauty, we all want to escape for a while. Hitting theaters February 4th, the movie is creating undeniable suspense and anticipation. Will you be seeing Moonfall in theaters?

Written by Alyssa G.

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