World-Famous Kpop Band, BTS, Influences Chipotle to Change Its Name!

Global sensation Kpop group, BTS, is so influential, they even influenced the Mexican-inspired fast food chain, Chipotle, to change its name on Twitter!

The Kpop band uploaded some behind the scenes footage of Suga, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, V, Jin and J-Hope hanging out after their sidewalk performance in December for an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. The band was seen enjoying bowls of Chipotle after their filmed performance.

Adorably, Jungkook lifted up his Chipotle bowl and mispronounced Chipotle, calling it “Chicotle.” 

Jungkook said, “How do you eat this? What is this, Chicotle? Chipotle?” He continued to say that he thought that it was chocolate! 

His bandmates laughed as they continued to enjoy the meal. Afterwards, Jungkook directly addressed the camera saying how much he enjoyed the food saying, “This is so good. I love this. I want to eat this every day.”

He further went on to melodically sing how much he loves avocado in Korean, “Avocado tastes so good.” And trust us, we feel that on such a level – avocado DOES taste so good.

Chipotle caught wind of the BTS footage and took to Twitter, officially changing its Twitter handle to “Chicotle.” The tweet they posted said, “It’s Chicotle from now on.” Along with that, the brand changed its banner image on Twitter and posted another tweet reaching out to the BTS Army, referring to their nickname, “gm tannies.”

One of the BTS Army fans reached out to Chipotle asking if there would be a promotional discount for the burrito bowls that Jungkook famously enjoyed on the video. Chipotle then responded, tweeting “tomorrow?” 

Stay tuned for the BTS and “Chicotle” love affair. BTS proves to have such an influence – you better be careful, you may be changing your name if BTS and Jungkook say so.

Written by Alyssa G.

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