Alicia Vikander Says She Didn’t Feel ‘Protected’ on Set While Filming a Nude Scene

Alicia Vikander recently spoke about the “worst” part of her job while filming an intimate scene.

The Oscar winner, 33, talked about her experience with an on-set sex scene in a recent Harper’s Bazaar interview. Vikander said, “The only thing that can’t be improvised is an intimate scene — you have to make choreography and stick to it. It’s the worst thing ever to do those scenes. I am very comfortable with my body, and I’ve done quite a bit of nudity and sex scenes, but it’s never easy.”

Vikander then recalled when she didn’t feel “protected” during filming, “Everyone was busy doing their own thing and, in the middle, you have an actor who sits there naked for a couple of hours. And someone is supposed to arrive with a robe, and they don’t. It comes afterwards, that was not right. I should have been looked after.”

She added that intimacy coordinators “should have existed at the beginning” of her career.

In 2019, Vikander dished to Harper’s Bazaar U.K. about how she approaches sex scenes. “I probably did my first sex scene at 20, and it’s always been technical, as it should be,” she said. “It should never be anything but technical.”

She added continued, “I tell the crew it’s a one-taker,” she said, “that way, everybody on set is on point because you have to get it done in one take. … I think that’s the way to do it because then everyone feels comfortable and then hopefully — although it is super strange and uncomfortable — a little magic comes through a lens and people will be convinced.”

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