Ben Affleck Resenting FAME!

“I’ve never found any virtue in fame… at all” are the words of one of the most successful actor, director, and Producer in Hollywood today. Ben Affleck goes on to say, “Short of like I’ve probably gotten out of some tickets and got reservations but the whole point was to be able to do this job. Otherwise, what is it worth? it just gets corrosive. It changes your relationship with people.”

Affleck continues to tell his long time best friend Matt Damon the after effects of Fame according to this TikTok video by Entertainment Weekly. If you think he stops there…think again. He then goes on to say, I always viewed (fame) as the tax you pay to get to do your work.”  Implying as if it was a sacrifice he made. But FAME is a choice on how you choose your journey. You can choose to not Drink and gamble and be unfaithful and receive accolade for your accomplishments. All your creativity and hard work and dedication is your FAME and as so, you leave a legacy behind for all your work.

I always viewed (fame) as the tax you pay to get to do your work

So, you can choose to have FAME like Selena Gomez or Will Smith and avoid controversy and stick to your art and be recognized for it or you can make ‘choices’ that will navigate on how media portrays you.

You are the narrator of your story. You are the Navigator of your path to FAME. Don’t you forget that.

Written by Fame.News

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