Billy Baldwin Reveals Exclusive Alec Baldwin Update Since Accidental On-Set Fatality Scandal

William Baldwin, part of the prestigious bloodline of Baldwin actor brothers, spent the evening dining out at the lavish, high-end steakhouse, Craig’s LA, on Melrose in West Hollywood. Also known as Billy Baldwin, he is recognized for his roles in movies such as Flatliners, Backdraft and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

William “Billy” Baldwin

The Fame.News team got the exclusive update and footage of Billy Baldwin expressing his interest in getting paid in crypto and updating us on the status of his famous brother, Alec Baldwin, who has been embroiled in scandal since the fatal accidental shooting on the set of Alec’s film “Rust.”

The generous and kind actor graciously took pictures, signed autographs and met with fans on Melrose Avenue, in front of the restaurant. Rocking a dotted button-up dress shirt and a snazzy tan jacket, Baldwin effortlessly oozed Friday night vibes in the midst of complimentary praise from the surrounding crowd.

The Fame.News team caught up with Billy and asked him, “Would you ever take any cryptocurrency for any of your projects like GreenCoin.AI, Bitcoin or Ethereum?” Billy asked us to repeat the question as he directed his attention to us. Our team member repeated, “Would you ever take any cryptocurrencies like GreenCoin–.” Before we could finish asking the question, Billy quickly answered, “Oh, I’ll take it right now,” and continued, “You got it? Wanna hand me some?” Baldwin smiled and turned to sign more autographs.

After turning back around, an onlooker, saying he was new in town, asked Baldwin who he was. Baldwin dismissed the man’s ignorant question as he half-heartedly responded, “I don’t answer questions, unless you’re giving me cryptocurrency.” Baldwin joked and smiled back at the Fame.News team.

With cryptocurrencies gaining more and more traction with the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and GreenCoin.AI (GRC), there has been an increased mass interest in alternative financial assets and the benefits of holding them. Celebrities, such as Baldwin, understand the value as Baldwin would take GreenCoin.AI (GRC) on the spot!

William “Billy” Baldwin

Smiling and casting a spell upon the crowd, Billy Baldwin moseyed down the sidewalk toward his car to retire for the evening. Before Baldwin left, Fame.News inquired about his brother, Alec Baldwin, asking, “You got some support for your brother? Have you spoken to Alec or anything?” Billy responded, “He’s doing great!”

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, famous comedian and actor, recently dealt with the repercussions of an on-set accidental fatality due to a weapon discharge. As any tragedy can have adverse effects on a person, we are happy to hear from Billy that his brother is doing well. We hope a sense of normalcy and balance returns for the star and his family, and that we continue the conversation to hear what happens next!

Fame.News was thrilled to speak with Billy! Perhaps, next time he could also update us on his niece, Hailey Baldwin as well as his own endeavors. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of intrigue when aligned with a star-studded family.

Written by Alyssa G.

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