Brutal Text Messages Johnny Depp Sent To His Doctor Have Been Revealed

New text messages from Johnny Depp have been revealed during his $50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard––this time to his private doctor, David Kipper.

On Monday, April 18, the jury listened to more brutal texts between Depp and Dr. Kipper, a doctor based in Beverly Hills who helps celebrities through addiction. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor told Kipper that Heard was “as full of s*** as a Christmas goose.”

The trial disclosed that Depp utilized Kipper’s services in 2014 when he was battling opioid addiction.

Johnny Depp sent the following texts on March 7, 2015.

“Hi f–k man had another one. I cannot live like this. She is as full of s–t as a Christmas Goose.”

“I’m done. NO MORE!!!! Constant insults released from a malicious, evil, and vindictive c–t!!!!!

“You know what’s far more hurtful than her venomous and degrading educational ranting??? Her hideously and purposely hurtful tirades and her goddamn shocking treatment of the man she was meant to love above all.”

“Here’s the real deal mate… her obsession with herself is far more important. She is so f—ing ambitious!!!!”

“She’s so desperate for success and fame. That’s probably why I was acquired, mate. She has hammered me with what a sad old man has been I am.”

“I’m so very sad.”

Dr. Kipper testified that he began treating Depp in May 2014, and his initial diagnosis was “ADHD, Bipolar 1, depression, insomnia, chronic substance abuse disorder, chronic reflux.”

He also admitted to a couple’s consultation in June 2014 and that Heard hadn’t mentioned anything about Depp being violent.

One of Dr. Kipper’s notes regarding Amber was read aloud in court, saying: “Amber has a strong family history of drug and alcohol abuse and is particularly sensitive to his (Depp’s behaviors and potential for abuse).”

Kipper was asked if “abuse” meant substance abuse; Dr. Kipper replied, “Yes, not physical abuse.”

On Tuesday, April 19, Depp will take the stand and testify on his own behalf in front of a seven-person jury. He will retake the stand on Wednesday for the cross-examination. More to come on this story.

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