Cardi B Breaks Down On Instagram “I’m So Sick” Of FAME

After the drama at the Met Gala, Cardi B took to Instagram to warn people against the price of FAME.

On Tuesday, Cardi B went live on Instagram to express her feelings about being FAMOUS, saying she “I’m so sick of it.” The Bodak Yellow rapper said, “I feel like God cursed me with FAME.”

Cardi B stated she hasn’t been able to be her true self since 2013.

“I hate it here. If I could click my feet three times and go back to 2013 when I was just a regular b—h. That’s where I want to be. This whole go-by-the-books stuff, gotta watch what you say, gotta watch what you do, this is not me, bro.”

Her IG Live comes after clips were released from the Met Gala. Cardi conducts a toast at Playboy’s Boom Boom After Party in one clip. After wishing the attendee to have a good time and drink up, she made a snorting gesture referring to cocaine that has people upset. She addresses this in her IG Live, saying she’s not being able to make jokes anymore.

As for advice for her fans, Cardi B said she once had a dream to become rich and FAMOUS but warned it’s not worth it. “If y’all ever wish to be rich and FAMOUS. Don’t wish to be FAMOUS.”

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