Dallas Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones, Takes His Party Game to Craig’s on Melrose!

Jerry Jones, owner of the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys, was seen rolling up in a suit and tie to an evening affair at the celebrity hotspot, Craig’s!

Jerry Jones was greeted

“If you hear something across Los Angeles that sounds like a low moaning, it has me screaming in my boat!” Jones said, alluding to a specific team he was rooting for.

The Fame.News team affirmed, “Go LA RAMS!” To which Jones replied, “Yes, sir!”

Jones also expressed that Dak Prescott is “[the Dallas Cowboys’] best shot at doing something,” referring to the Dallas Cowboys team’s quarterback.

An interviewer asked Jerry what the hardest part of owning an NFL team was. Jones responded saying, “When I bought the Cowboys, they were losing a million cash a month. The financial part is quite a challenge.”

Jones initially bought the Dallas Cowboys team in 1989 for a whopping $150 million, using his fortune made in Texas from gas and oil. His reach and hand in business expands beyond as he has investments in stock, real estate, hospitality and pizza franchises.

Graciously, courteously and kindly smiling and engaging with all of his fans, Jones went to have dinner and kick off Super Bowl festivities at Craig’s.

Written by Alyssa G.

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