David Letterman Introduces Will Smith to an Iconic Hollywood Eatery

Two legendary figures in Hollywood sat down together filming a segment at the historical Carney’s train car restaurant today, January 13, 2022, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Award-winning actor and media personality, Will Smith, and beloved renown TV host and late-night personality, David Letterman sat outside the famous train car to share a meal and conversation for an upcoming segment for David Letterman’s newest show.

One of our crew members caught Will and David walking down Sunset, getting Will’s attention saying, “Will, Fame is calling you!” Will enthusiastically responded to our team, “Fame IS calling me!”

Will Smith mentioned that he had never eaten at Carney’s on Sunset, to which David Letterman introduced and shared the magic that IS Carney’s restaurant.

Carney’s bright yellow and red Union Pacific train car sits front and center on Sunset Boulevard, where the city of FAME and dreams never sleeps. Known for its American fare of delicious burgers, hot dogs and fries, this Hollywood staple attracts and invites all walks of life to grab some grub.

Smith shared with Letterman, his adventures and exhilarating experiences that he posts to his TikTok, Youtube and social media platforms. One, notably, was his recent scaling of the tallest building in the world, the Burf Khalifa in Dubai! He posted this on 11/11/2021, an epic day. The building measures a whopping 2,722 feet high, towering over the bustling city, below. 

Will also described his experience skydiving in Dubai. Will described to Letterman, “You walk up to the edge, 12,000 feet or something like that, and it is terrifying.” He continued, “First, what they do is they say ‘1, 2..’ and they tell you on 3, but they push you on 2.” Smith’s fearless and “carpe diem” approach to life is inspiring as he travels worldwide to connect and share his experiences.

The video captured by the Fame.News team shows the star-studded pair having a great time chatting and embracing for a hug at the end. Many people circled as film and production crew captured the two big stars on the patio. A little behind the scenes peek into filming and Hollywood history!

Written by Alyssa G.

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