FAME or Friendship? Fat Joe Tested His Friends to See Who is Loyal to Him

You use your FAME status to help your friends with jobs, loans and gift them because you love them and they have been there thru it all….or have they??

Well that is what rapper, Fat Joe thought. Next thing you know this Terror Squad rapper, is surrounded by 50 of his entourage and long time friends who would eat his food…stay under his roof and take advantage of his offerings. FAME got him the opportunity to be giving but at what cost?

He decided to put them all to the test. Are they sticking by Fat Joe for his FAME or for his genuine friendship. Do or die, as they say. The rapper gathered all 50 of them once and said, “I don’t have it anymore…I can’t treat you like that anymore.” and before you know it 44 of them walked away.

The once “Do or Die” friends of his were now leaving him never thinking how they can help him…be there for him. Proving to us that FAME is addicting not only to the artist but also to the people around.

To the 6 friends that said, “We are not going anywhere, even if you are at your lowest” to Fat Joe, you are rare and we are glad there is good out there.

Written by Ophelia Soumekh

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