Fans Slam Kylie Jenner For Taking 15-Minute Flight On Private Jet

Reddit is going crazy after flight tracking websites verified Kylie Jenner flew a mere 45 miles from Camarillo to Van Nuys on her $72 million dollar private plane.

The flight lasted a total of 15 minutes but used 127 gallons of fuel and even more CO2 emissions.

“The fact that I’m still being told that me taking shorter showers, turning off the lights, and recycling is going to do anything to save the planet…” one commenter wrote.

Another wrote, “How many short showers, dark nights, and recycled bottles will it take to offset a 15-minute flight?”

One commenter blamed the upper class for environmental issues. “The elite have us average peasants thinking it’s our fault the environment is turning to crap.

In April, Kim Kardashian was also slammed for producing 2 tons of CO2 emissions on a 17-minute flight. The SKIMS founder used her 150M dollar private yet in that instance.

Fans on Reddit pointed out the drive from Camarillo to Van Nuys is a 40-60 minute trip, stating, “If she really needed to save that time, then a helicopter would have more than sufficed.”

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