Harry Styles Has Steamy Sex Scene In Upcoming Film, Don’t Worry Darling

Harry Styles has a new sex scene in his upcoming film, Don’t Worry Darling, and fans are going wild.

The movie’s teaser just released shows a scene in which Styles, as his character Jack performs oral sex on Florence Pugh’s character Alice on a dining room table. They’re also seen sharing a kiss and in bed together.

The trailer, directed by Olivia Wilde, has sent fans of the musical superstar into a rage on Twitter.

One user said, “People are definitely gonna watch it for Harry styles. I give you my word.”

A second tweeter wrote, “The #dontworrydarling trailer??? im SCREAMING. harry looks so good.”

A third fan said, “It’s the way I knew to expect this but when I actually saw it I was baffled, I did not need to see my idol give someone head.”

A fourth user wrote, “Ok but Flo and H actually have me on the floor I’m not even joking like they will end me and I’m not even complaining.”

The film follows the story of couple Alice and Jack living in a seemingly perfect town called Victory. Until Alice realizes something is off and tries to figure out what is happening in the town.

The movie is scheduled for release on September 23.

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