Jamie Spears Claims Britney Spears’ Upcoming Book Is A Smear Campaign Against Him

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears’ father, filed paperwork asking a judge to force his daughter into a deposition.

Jamie says Britney has been participating in an online smear campaign and wants to challenge some of her statements, including allegations that she was forced to participate in therapy, provide eight tubes of blood for medical treatment, and not allowed to take pain-relievers.

According to the documents filed by Jamie, Britney stands to make $15 million for her tell-all book, which will damage his reputation. He also points out she continues to talk about him online and in the book, but not in court.

Jamie’s lawyers said, “Britney’s counsel has no legitimate legal basis to object to Britney’s deposition” when she “continues to make public social media posts containing incendiary allegations of various factual matters.”

“Britney’s own publicly-posted Instagram posts aimed at Jamie and soon to be publicly-published book directly contradict Britney’s counsel’s claim that Britney has no admissible evidence and that her testimony is not reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence,” they continued.

They also say Jamie has a “right to prepare his case and depose Britney” due to her “inflammatory and unsubstantiated claims against him.”

“Britney cannot avoid testifying as a witness because her testimony may delve into emotionally difficult topics… Even a showing of some impact on Britney’s health is not a bar to her deposition in its entirety. That Britney can speak about the very issues she publicly raises (including to cash a $15 million check) but suddenly would be “unduly burdened” by the litigation her counsel initiated is ridiculous.”

Jamie Spears and his team of lawyers are not happy that Britney has refused to be deposed. They say they have offered “multiple times” since January, but Britney’s counsel will not agree.

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