Julia Fox Backtracks From Her “Kanye Is Harmless” Statement

Julia Fox corrects herself after her statement about Kanye West being harmless.

In a since-deleted Instagram post from Sunday, March 20, the Uncut Gems star said, “I would like to point out that I had not seen the latest Instagram posts at the time of this video. Believe it or not, I have a life and a son, and I don’t have google alerts for this man!”

The 32-year old who dated Kanye briefly earlier this year continued, “I thought this question was in reference to the music video,” referring to his “Eazy” music videos where he portrays attacking Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend.

After a judge declared Kim Kardashian legally single earlier this month, West released music videos showcasing an effigy of Pete Davidson, which is tortured and decapitated. Another version of the video was released showing a cartoon character with a sweatshirt labeled “Skete” being attacked.

Kanye West addressed the controversy around the videos saying, “Art is therapy just like this view. Art is protected as freedom of speech. Art inspires and simplifies the world. Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm. Any suggestion otherwise about my art is false and mal intended.”

Julia Fox initially defended the artist to TMZ, saying, “No! No, no, no. Kanye’s harmless. I just think that’s his artistic, creative expression. I know it’s aggressive, but I think if it really came down to it, I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly.”

Fox claims she hadn’t seen the racial slurs against Trevor Noah when she made that statement.

On the Daily Show on March 15, Trevor Noah said, “What [Kardashian is] going through is terrifying to watch, and it shines a spotlight on what so many women go through when they choose to leave.”

West responded to Noah with racial slurs that got him temporarily banned from Instagram for 24 hours. He was then banned from performing at the Grammys, to which Noah said he only wanted to “counsel Kanye, not cancel Kanye.”

In a now-deleted Instagram comment, Fox reflected on her ability to say nothing, “Yeah, I could just not answer questions, but then it would be ‘Julia is mad she salty’ etc and I’m not! It’s a real catch 22 so, please stop F’n asking me!”

Fox wants away from this Kanye-Kim mess, stating, “I wish I had the answers, but I do not. I would like to remain an Indie Queen. The mainstream life isn’t for me.”

Fox and West ended their relationship in February after a short-lived affair that began at the end of December 2021.

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