Kanye Crashes Daughter’s 4th Birthday Party Asserting Control in the West x Kardashian Battle Royale!


The Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Battle Royale continues!

Kanye is taking no prisoners as he fights and grinds to be in his children’s lives. Kim and Kanye’s daughter, Chicago, turned 4 years old today, January 15, 2022. According to an earlier video posted by Kanye, it appears his daughter’s party was shrouded in secrecy and ambiguity as he tried to get information about the time and location of the party.

Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and daughter, Chicago, on a beach – posted on Instagram @kimkardashian

Kim and Kanye are currently not talking directly, but publicly, swords and daggers are flying in both directions!

Kanye continued in the video that “[he] wasn’t allowed to know where [Chicago’s] party was” and called out Kim, indirectly saying, ” these are the games that are being played” and “…have really affected [his] health, for the longest.”

Kanye continues to assert that he is “taking control of [his] narrative this year,” and he is “being the best father.. the YE version of a father,” refusing to let these games continue as he wants to always be there for his children.

Kanye arrived at the party, and it appeared that perhaps there was a miscommunication versus a blatant attack toward Kanye.

Kanye West and Kris Jenner

Apparently, Kanye was to spend one-on-one quality time with his daughter, Chicago, from 4pm onward. The Kardashians were shocked as their understanding from previous communication with Kanye, was that they were going to hold two separate events for Chicago, to maintain peaceful surroundings and keep the Kim and Kanye situation at bay.

Despite the warring between the two famous stars, it seemed they were able to keep it civil, even cordial, as Kris Jenner chatted with ex son-in-law, Kanye.

The Fame.News team obtained footage of the fun and festivities as the lavish party featured an epic inflatable bouncy slide, a plethora of red, pink and heart balloons and costume characters.

Kourtney Kardashian, newly engaged to Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, wearing a big pink bow, even got down and playfully twerked behind the characters.

Kourtney Kardashian

All is fair in love and war. The Kardashians kept their cool and composure, allowing Kanye to join the festivities as they know, if there is one person who can storm and bring down the castle, it is Kanye.

Kanye may have won the battle today. But the war has only just begun…

Written by Alyssa G.

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