Kanye West Makes Joke About Kim Kardashian At BET Awards

Kanye West was a surprise guest at the BET Awards on Sunday evening to honor Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs while receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award.

On stage, West praised Combs’ work ethic. “I took a little hiatus. I said I wanna just, like, declare myself legally dead for a year. You know, just like– I just wanna be off the grid. And, you know, Puff is pretty persistent.”

While paying Combs many compliments, West also called him out for bad advice.

“He broke down so many doors about classism, taste, culture, swag,” West said. “He inspired so many of my choices. So many of my life choices. My wife choices. And here we are. Thanks for that, Puff.”

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021 and has repeatedly made headlines since the breakup. Even though West joked about Kardashian, he was elated to celebrate Sean Combs, ending his speech with, “Puff, if I never told you, I love you.”

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