Kanye West Spotted in Miami Airport Assisting Paparazzi?

Kanye West and Julia Fox meeting up at Miami airport was not what sparked our attention. Once the two met and walked in they were followed by a few paparazzi members. 

As the photos are being taken of the two of them kissing showing affection and walking to the terminal, we hear one of the paparazzi tell another to go move his car as he’s about to get towed, according to his TikTok. That is when Kanye advises the other paparazzi member to help his friend out and move the car. Telling him, “You guys can share the image of me but help each other out and move the car for him. You already got the picture you already getting the video.” But the other member of the paparazzi said “I don’t work for him, my car is about to get towed too” Kanye then goes on to say, “You all need to be better with each other” 

I think we can all get used to his Kanye. Is this the new Kanye? Maybe he is living by his own lyrics…. 

I miss the sweet Kanye, chop up the beats Kanye

We still love Kanye and I love you like Kanye love Kanye

Written by Fame.News

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