Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker’s Testimony About The Armed Robbery Shooting Is Revealed

Ryan Fischer, the 41-year-old shot through the lung on February 24, 2021, while walking Lady Gaga’s two dogs, testified about the incident before an LA County Grand Jury on October 26. The transcript was just released detailing how the Ohio native fought for his life.

He recalled when the three attackers approached him in his testimony, “They pointed down to the dogs, that they wanted the dogs, and I said, ‘No.’ I started to scream for help and tried to fight back.” 

As Fischer details how he reached for one of the dogs, which is when he was shot in the chest. “The dog screamed at me, and I reached for him, and then the guy, the man with the gun, shot me as I was reaching,”

 “I immediately tried to call for help but realized I was bleeding out of my lung and that I was losing more and more air quickly.”

Fischer was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and spent a week recovering from surgery. After he was released, he returned two days later when his lung re-collapsed and he had to undergo a second surgery.

‘I consented to part of my lung being removed. The top third of my lung as well as the bottom portion,’ said Ryan, who is still suffering from breathing issues and nerve damage.

Three suspects, shooter James Jackson and his two accomplices, Jaylin White and Lafayette Whaley, have been charged with the attempted murder of Fischer. They were identified through surveillance-video footage, cellular records, and text messages.

According to the police, the robberies were part of a gang initiation, and the offenders were not aware Lady Gaga was the owner of the dogs. 

Lady Gaga posted to Instagram with a heartfelt message for Ryan, saying, “I continue to love you Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family. You’re forever a hero.”

Ryan Fischer shared through his GoFundMe that he sometimes felt scared during his recovery. “I was lonely. I felt abandoned and unsupported. I had long bouts of depression and doubt and self-pity.”

Lady Gaga paid for his medical expenses in full. Fischer spent the last year receiving therapy, trauma treatment, and driving around the country in his brand new camper financed through his GoFundMe.

He raised $45,737 of $40,000 goal from 756 donations.

Lady Gaga’s two dogs, Gustav and Koji, were eventually returned.

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