Lamar Odom Regrets Messing up with Khloe Kardashian And Her Family

Lamar’s comments come during the first week of taping of “Celebrity Big Brother” for cheating on Khloe and letting down her whole family.

Lamar has opened up to his new family on the show about his regrets. He says that he always thinks of them and wishes he could go back and make amends. After only a month of dating, Lamar and Khloe decided to tie the knot in 2009. It was great at the beginning but eventually it ended when Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar in 2013, due to rumors around his infidelity and his heavy use of drugs and possibly alcohol.

During the lengthy divorce process the unimaginable happened when Lamar almost died from a drug overdose back in 2015. At this time, despite it all, Khloe and her entire family showed much respect and supported the him throughout his recovery.

Whether there was a chance to rekindle or not….only they know the real reason. But Odom has shown growth and is living in Atlanta feeling and looking his best. We wish him all the best! Looking forward to hearing more about his feelings in upcoming episodes of “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Written by Ophelia Soumekh

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