Legendary Rocker, Paul Stanley of KISS, Goads Fans with Idea of Future Super Bowl Performance!

Legendary Rock & Roll frontman of KISS, Paul Stanley, enjoyed a night out at Craig’s in West Hollywood, this past week.

Paul’s iconic band KISS is currently re-starting its “End of the Road World Tour” which was previously postponed due to COVID. The guitarist and his bandmates, clearly have not yet slowed down as “I wanna rock and roll all night” is a phrase that seems to resonate quite well with Stanley.

Stanley caught up with a couple fans and interviewers with questions as he stood with wife, Erin Sutton outside of Craig’s, waiting for the valet to roll up.

Paul Stanley with wife, Erin Sutton.

The Fame.News team asked, “Now, with this cryptocurrency out, do you think KISS would ever take cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or GreenCoin.AI for the tour?” To which Paul affirmed, “Cryptocurrency is the way of the future, for sure!”

The way we are shifting into digital platforms, social media and the Metaverse, it’s not far-fetched to believe cryptocurrency is the future of currency. Other music festivals and concerts are starting to delve into the game with NFT-entry or NFT collections, such as Coachella.

Another interviewer asked the musician, “How do you think Dr. Dre and Eminem and all the boys are gonna do at half-time for the Super Bowl?”

Paul responded saying, “Well, we’re gonna find out, aren’t we.”

The interviewer expressed that the line up of stars were all amazing artists, to which Paul nodded in agreement saying, “Yeah, they are!”

Paul further expressed, “Yeah, I know a bunch of guys who wear white faces who would do really well too!” The group of people got excited exclaiming, “Ah yeah!” as the Rock and Roll legend suggested KISS perform.

The interviewer exclaimed in excitement, “Maybe that’s the next Super Bowl?” And Paul assuredly said, “You got it!”

A KISS performance for the Super Bowl would be a party of EPIC proportions. Shall we start proposing this actually be the case? They’re busy this year with their World Tour, but maybe we can put it on the books? We’ve got “Nothin’ to Lose!” 😉

Written by Alyssa G.

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