Lili Reinhart Slams Celebrities Who Starved Themselves For The Met Gala

On Tuesday, Lili Reinhart went to Instagram Stories to rant about celebrities who starved themselves to fit into their Met Gala gowns.

The day after the gala, the Riverdale actress criticized celebrities who openly admitted to having overly strict diets for the event.

“To walk on a red carpet and do an interview where you say how starving you are…because you haven’t eaten carbs in the last month…all to fit in a f—ing dress?” Reinhart posted to her Instagram Story. “So wrong. So f—ed on 100s of levels.”

“To openly admit to starving yourself for the sake of the Met Gala. When you know very well that millions of young men and women are looking up to you and listening to your every word. The ignorance is other-worldly and disgusting,” she added.

Although Reinhart didn’t mention any names, her comments follow Kim Kardashian’s admission that she lost 16 pounds to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dress, borrowed from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! In Orlando, Florida.

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