Oscar De La Hoya will “Take it All” in Regards to Earning GreenCoin.AI, Ethereum & Bitcoin Crypto

Olympic Gold-Winning and 10-Time Title-Holding Boxer, Oscar De La Hoya, leaves Giorgio Baldi Ristorante in Santa Monica after an evening of delicious and luxurious opulence. It has been 13 years since De La Hoya’s retirement from boxing and his return to the ring has been highly anticipated. Tonight, De La Hoya just poured jet fuel on the topic, giving legitimacy to the suspense by saying he would fight Floyd Mayweather again.

One of our Fame.News team members caught up with the boxer asking Oscar, “Would you ever take any cryptocurrency like GreenCoin.AI, Ethereum, Bitcoin?” Oscar responded saying he would “take it all” as he would “come back and fight again, and fight Mayweather, and [he’ll] get paid with cryptocurrency.”

The crypto world is an up-and-coming, booming financial market with excessively wild and limitless pay off potential! GreenCoin.AI (GRC), a health and wellness-focused cryptocurrency that allows users to earn money while burning calories, has opened a world of possibilities for changing people’s lives and building their dreams. Not only does the cryptocurrency benefit the users physically and financially, it also reduces carbon emissions, restoring our the planet! Oscar De La Hoya says that he would happily “take it all.” And his wish may soon be granted!

The video continues as Oscar boxes with young boy outside the exclusive and elegant Palisades-based restaurant. De La Hoya lets the boy take a lucky shot to the money maker as Oscar playfully feigns being knocked out.

Oscar kindly says farewell as he steps into a cherry red Ferrari and drives away, building the hype for the long-awaited return to boxing and bringing cryptocurrency to the conversation as compensation.

Written by Alyssa G.

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