Paris Hilton: One Shoe, Two Shoe, Sparkle Shoe, Nude Shoe!


When you rush out of the house with the wrong shoes @parishilton #FallonTonight

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One shoe, two shoe, sparkle shoe, nude shoe!

The heiress, model, DJ and savvy businesswoman, Paris Hilton, recently made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon‘s “The Tonight Show” on NBC.

Stepping out onto the stage in a vibrant green, sparkly turtle neck dress and two different types of shoes, Paris had questioning if she was running late to the shoot or if it was an intentional fashion choice… or, perhaps we were staying up too late and seeing things.

Nope. She definitely wore two different shoes. Paris laughed about it on her Instagram as The Tonight Show’s socials zoomed in on the apparent fashion choice.

Honestly, Paris can wear just about anything and make it look good.

While on her segment with Jimmy Fallon, Paris talked about her wedding, new marriage, what she’s doing now, and NFT’s. And in true, Oprah-fashion, she gave the audience all an NFT to take home.

How generous!

Despite her mismatching shoes, we think Paris can do no wrong. Cause after all, as she has said before, “It’s my world, and no one has a world like mine.”

We love it.

Written by Alyssa G.

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